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Multi Surface Cleaner – 5 Litres


Multi-Surface Cleaner is a multipurpose
antibacterial cleaner for disinfecting
surfaces. Commercial grade formula
gives a superior hygienic finish with a
low scent.

Commercial grade anti-bacterial disinfectant.
Tough on Dirt and Grime.
The subtle fragrance leaves a low scent.

Excellent multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant that
simplifies cleaning.
Safe for use on all washable surfaces including polished
surfaces at the correct dilution.
Ideal for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes &
childcare centres. Contains no industrial solvents that
can affect delicate skin.

*Please note: Online purchasing is for Victorian orders only, orders for all other states please contact us – 03 5145 6849

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Safety Reminder: Please make sure your employees read
and understand the product label and Safety Data Sheet
before use. The label contains directions for use and both
the label and SDS contain hazard warnings, precautionary
statements and first aid procedures.

Instructions for use:
For general cleaning: dilute MULTI-SURFACE
into the water at 1:10. Spray onto surface and
wipe clean.
As a floor cleaner: dilute MULTI-SURFACE
into a bucket of water as 1:40 and mop as
Technical Data:
Appearance: Clear Green Liquid
pH: 13.0 – 14.0
Solubility: Complete (in water)
Odour: Fresh Fragrance
Shelf Life: 2 years

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