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Air Fresh – French Lavender – 5 Litres


Air Fresh is a specially formulated odour counteractant and commercial grade disinfectant. Air Fresh kills harmful bacteria and has powerful odour masking capabilities.

Has a unique fragrance which indulges the senses.
Contains a blend of emulsified oils to mask
odours and kill germs.
Commercial grade disinfectant.

Air Fresh kills germs and harmful bacteria.
Long-lasting Deodoriser which will leave the room
with a pleasant fragrance for a long period of time.

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Safety Reminder: Please make sure your employees read and understand the product label and Safety Data Sheet before use. The label contains directions for use, and both the label and SDS contain hazard warnings, precautionary statements and first aid procedures.

Instructions for use:
Dispense from spray gun (fine mist)
General use: 1:4 with water 150ml/750ml spray bottle and spray into the air.
Technical Data:
Appearance: Clear purple Liquid
pH: 6.0 – 7.0
Odour: Lavender
Solubility: Fully Miscible (in water)
Shelf Life: 2 years

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